Systematic Traders

Systemic traders seeking to define trade goals, risk protocols, and employ a partial or full automated trading method benefit from our low latency solutions.

Financial Institutions

Score Priority Institutional offers a multitude of market access services to the financial trading community.

Professional Traders

Score Priority Institutional empowers professional traders with trading continuity across the financial markets.

Proprietary Trading Groups

Whether your firm trades stocks or options, Score Priority Institutional’s services and solutions enable prop firms to quickly discover market opportunities.

Quantitative Traders

Quantitative traders benefit from Score Priority Institutional’s low-latency environment and trading infrastructure to analyze, develop, and trade complex strategies with ease.

Hedge Fund Traders

Hedge fund traders who need specialized advanced market views and access to trade on the US markets rely on the speed and accuracy that Score Priority Institutional provides.

Individual Investors

Score Priority provides active and day traders with fast and reliable trading technology dedicated to the delivery of real-time quotes at low latency speeds.

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Delivery of agile solutions and technology.


A central consideration to every solution and service.

Our Value

We empower clients to trade efficiently and anonymously across all major lit and dark market venues.